Hitman 'Rohit Sharma told that IPL 2020 can be organized in this way

Rohit was suffering from an injury in the calf due to which he did not play in the ODI and Test series on the New Zealand Round.
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Almost all sports events around the world have either been postponed or canceled due to the Kovid-1 epidemic. Players are being forced to imprison their homes at this time. Indian cricket team 'hitman' Rohit Sharma returns to the squad after a superb performance in the Indian Premier League (IPL) after an injury. Due to coronavirus, IPL has been postponed to 15 April. Earlier, it will be held from March 25. But even after that, Rohit hopes that everything will be fixed soon and IPL will be organized.

Rohit Sharma has announced that he is going to play cricket at the moment. To avoid Corona, the Indian government made a 21-day lockdown at this time. Rohit said that at this point he was working up the stairs to stay fit.

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In a live conversation on social media account Instagram with former English captain Kevin Pietersen, Rohit said: 'It's hard to stay fit. There are 54 men in the building I'm in. We discontinued all activities indoors and outdoors. In that case I'm doing the climb up the stairs, not the 54th floor, only two-three. I'm also doing some practice. '

Rohit suffered a calf injury which prevented him from playing in the ODI and Test series in New Zealand rounds.

Rohit said, "I must have missed the game. I was injured for two months and now am playing. I was very sad when I learned that everything was going to go back. I was ready for the IPL."

When Pietersen asked Rohit, the captain of the Mumbai Indians, what would be the IPL this time? To this, Rohit replied - have to stay, but it depends on the situation. Rohit said, 'There will be a level when things get healed (coronary virus). Who knows it '

The cricketer, inspired by Virat Kohli, took the fitness level to new heights with a push of 809 runs.

India has lost 4 lives since Covid-I, and the number of infected patients has reached 6।.

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