Coronavirus in India news today, lockdown's update and impact in India

Poverty is pushing millions of frustrated people to disobey India's lockdown

Lockdown update today of India:-

We see that the lockdown in India is having a devastating effect for so many people that it is possible to continue for good currently has a three-week lockdown to be officially removed next week, but we expect the Prime Minister to make a decision and announcement today that the lockdown will be extended. 

Coronavirus in India news today, lockdown's update and impact in India
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Lockdown impact in India:-

Some states have already extended this lockdown until the end of April, but we should note here that even before the pandemic struck, India was on the edge of slow progress and the lockdown has already made an impact and is likely to have a repercussive effect, so the decision to go ahead carries the spread of the virus. Must be about keeping it but it sure does Some of the sectors that need to be revived, though the effectiveness of the government, although the government insists that things cannot go back to normal social distance for months will come as laughter is clearly a necessary system but how our government will help them feed the most.

In urban centers in cities like Delhi, there is a Judean micron-sounding food kitchen, which is open all over the city, where direct cash transfers are being paid to construction workers and women workers, but the government has received strong criticism for what was seen as poor planning when measures such as the lockdown probably led to this lockdown. It was well announced as well if announce the pool You can not have any confidence that pulati and would stay there instead of Logo

 Just when the lockdown started, I saw that so many rural migrants had fled their homes as well as the government should have taken security measures so what was the impact? If the lockdown were to be extended to the poor, of course, this would be a key area where we could see that the government was going to build a safety ramp and could help voluntarily make a choice.

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